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What is Royale Business Club

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What is Royale Business Club International, Inc.

what is royale business club

Royale Business Club International,Inc. is a Filipino owned corporation that was established in the year 2006 in Quezon City,Philippines.Royale was founded by a certified businessman,Mr. Ricardo S. Castañeda together with the young bright minded and success driven Mr. Julius Allan Nolasco.


Management: The Royale Duo

The management is committed to its VISION & MISSION. And sincere to its philosophy “HELPING PEOPLE IS OUR WAY OF LIFE”.

Royale Business Club - CEOThe Founder & CEO
Mr. Ricardo S Castañeda
A Financial Analyst
Owner – Punchline Comedy Bar
Owner – Laffline Comedy Bar
Owner – Metro Comedy Bar
Franchisee – 7eleven
Franchisee – STI College
And more businesses around Quezon City


RBCII is engaged in Marketing of food supplements,powdered beverages,beauty,skin & personal care products. Royale is a local manufacturer of  its own and a international distributor of globally award winning Royale Health & Beauty Products.
It is also a proud member of  Philippine Marketing Association, Phil Export and Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Based in the Philippines, Royale Business Club has its own company building. With over 8,000 sq m. of lot area, 5 stories high and a basement parking area. We called it “Royalè Centre”, this signifies the STABILITY of the company. Royale Centre is located at 1363A Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Q.C. Philippines.

Sa Pilipinas, Ang Royale po ay established narin in different key cities nationwide. Luzon,Visayas and Mindanao,With 19 Company Owned Branches all over the Philippines surely you can do the business anywhere.

And with its 8 strong years of existence in the Wellness Industry, Ang Royale ay nakapag-expand narin at nakapagtayo ng mga sariling branches sa mga Major Countries tulad ng Dubai U.A.E, Taiwan, Singapore and susunod na ang London UK & South Africa.

UPDATE: Abu Dhabi Branch is NOW OPEN.


The Royale Mission & Royale Vision

Royale Business Club VisionThe Vision of Royale is to be a globally recognized brand & entity providing top quality products, services & business opportunities through a dynamic, innovative & sustainable system of product distribution & marketing while adhering to the highest standards of integrity & excellence.

royale business club missionThe mission is to create a group or club of professional, success driven independent distributors & develop them to be world – class entrepreneurs utilizing a dynamic, innovative & sustainable system of product distribution & marketing while adhering to the highest standards of integrity & excellence.

As seen by the experience of successful members (Royalistas) and by the unstoppable growth of it worldwide, Royale Business Club has already achieved more far beyond its mission and vision.  Despite of all this accomplishment, Royale is continuously expanding worldwide and unstoppably innovating its system and products to a new level.


The Products: Royale Produts

Products are divided into two categories Royale Wellness Products & Royale Beauty Products.

All Royale Products are approved by Food & Drug Administration (FDA). And certified with HALAL,that’s is why hindi hirap pumasok ang Royale sa mga muslim countries like U.A.E. That’s is the reason also kaya marami tumatangkilik at myembro na mga Muslim Brothers.

Royale Products also got what we called PIPAC Approval (Philippine Institute Proper Applied Chemistry). This will certify and assured to the consumer that the consistency of content is properly applied. Royale is extremely growing locally & internationally because of its own unique, top quality, effective & very competitive price products. You may want to visit Royale Products Testimony.

RCBII also provides Product Packages to end users and to its distributors. Packages includes Accidental Insurance worth 320,000 Php. But I highly recommend to stay away of using it. ^ _ ^
Visit Hyperplan Package to view other inclusions and privileges.


 The Marketing Plan

Royale Business Club International Inc. provides an equal opportunity that doesn’t need a huge sums of money. Through its unique compensation plan,it continuously delivers success to its members. Isa sa mga factors kung bakit ang bilis ng growth ng Royale is because it combines the most Balance Competitive Plans ( Hybrid MLM, Unilevel & Binary Program ). With these balance plans ang mga Internatioanal Distributors or Associates ay kumikita sa madaming paraan without scratching the Pay-Out rate of RCBII.

Distributors or Associates can earn through:

  • Direct Selling Progam
    – Product Package Rebates
    – In-house Product Rebates
  • Leveraging Progam
    – Team Match Sales Bonus
    (Product Package) (PPV Accumulation through in-house products sales)
  • Uni-Level Program
    – Rebates
    – Overides
  • Multi-Level Program
    – Rebates
    – Overides
    – Royalety/Leadership Bonus
  • Incentive Program
    – International Travel Getaway
    – Profit Sharing ProgramFor more detailed explanation,Watch these Royale Business Club Video Presentation ( RBP )


You can read the full article about Royale Business Club in tagalog at >> Ano ba ang Royale Business Club (Tagalog)


With Royale Business Club International Inc, You can start your own home based business.
Royale is changing the History.. Royale is  Making A Giant Waves not only in the Industry,but also in the lives of those who are part of it.

Royale is Taking the LeadAnd Royale is just on its Take Off Level…The Best is Yet To Come!

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